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These are the core rules behind the Save the Universe tabletop RPG, presented as an open-license standalone system. Use these rules to build your own quick-to-play, easy-to-prep RPG!

The rules of SAVE are simple and quickly taught. They promote improvisation and collaborative storytelling, reducing the work necessary to prepare and facilitate the game. Players build their characters from roles that illustrate genre archetypes, and from descriptions of talents and past events rather than mathematical statistics.

If anything in this document is unclear or incomplete, let me know and I'll make corrections. I'd like this to be a solid starting point for anyone looking to develop a new roleplaying game.

And if you make something based on SAVE, let me know! I'd love to see it and tell people about it.

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AuthorDon Bisdorf
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A solid collection of design ideas and unique quirks to tell a setting first-game. I really liked this. Great job! I'll try and spread the word around. I'd recommend sharing this at cons.

Glad you liked what you saw, and thanks!